Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Didozel Quick Info. [Update]

Hi, how are you? Hope you all just fine where ever you are, okay.

Just wanna to tell something, i have been so busy lately, and i guess, i will be busy for quit some time, actually, until 15/11/2010..because of my upcoming interview with Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam on that day...

So, the possibility of blogwalking, blogging and etc maybe will decrease, hope you guys understand and please forgive me.

But, still..dont forget about Didozel Domain Giveaway yeah..it still running on until the deadline on 14 November 2010 (Sunday)

Do pray for me, so i can pass this interview okay. ^__^

Hmm..okay, here..i list down,blogger who already participate on this Didozel Domain Giveaway.

1- Cute Mum
2- Wan Haryati
3- Ahmad Raafik
4- Hamizah Ahmad Yusof
5- Zainab Mohd Ghazali
6- Suzie Rahman
7- Haszuraidah Ishak
8- Nur Atina
9- Michael Angelo
10- Anas Firdaus
11- Alienelliz Elliz
12- Farah Diaz
13- Ahmad Aliff
14- Ckyn Chan

These name and url are the same inside every single email that i received. If you already join this Giveaway and already sent your email to me but your name and link is not listed here, please do inform me yeah. ^___^

11 days remaining for this Didozel Domain Giveaway.

Winner will be choose from a lucky draw, we will put all these names and we will make a draw for it. So, dont forget, stay tunned with Didozel Dot Com to know the result ^___^

p/s- I will go for interview on 15/11/2010, so i guess i will make the announcement on 16/11/2010. ^__^
p/s/s- Pray for me guys, if i manage to do well, there will be a surprise waiting for you..
* Please, forgive me, actually i failed Bahasa Inggeris when i was in High School, so thats why you find my post full of broken english, bad grammar and so on..

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