Friday, October 29, 2010

Event Nuffnang Di Kota Kinabalu Sabah.

Selamat pagi semua. Hari ni nak cakap pasal nuffnang lagi. Semalam dapat call dari Nuffnang, excited sangat ni..ya lah kan, tak pernah dapat call dari Nuffnang lagi ni..sekali jemputan khas ke satu event nuffnang yang akan diadakan di Kota Kinabalu. Wah..tak pernah dapat jemputan untuk hadiri event nuffnang lagi sangat kan? (inilah yang daku tunggu selama ini, untuk hadiri event nuffnang.he..he..akhirnya termakbul juga..terima kasih nuffnang sebab call)

Kemudian dapat pula satu email lagi dari nuffnang. Jom check email dibawah :

Dear Nuffnanger,

We have an exciting opportunity for those of you in Kota Kinabalu! If you haven't already heard, Xpax is bringing Stompin' Sabah to town, and we're looking for bloggers who're interested in rocking out at the event. Details of the event are as below:

Date: 6 November 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 8 pm till late
Venue: Sabah Port (Jesselton Point)

We are offering sponsored post opportunities to Nuffnangers who'll be able to attend the event and blog about it, and also tell their friends about it on Facebook/Twitter, but these opportunities are limited! If you're interested in taking up this opportunity, kindly write in to with your full name, email address and blog URL before 10 am tomorrow (28 October 2010). Yes, we know it's a rush but hey, opportunities always come when you least expect them so don't miss out on this ;)

Looking forward to your email!

Teoh Xinxian
Blogger Relations
Nuffnang Sdn. Bhd.

Inilah kali pertama dapat jemputan khas nuffnang untuk hadiri event di Kota Kinabalu, so tak akan lepaskan peluang keemasan ini. ^___^

p/s- terus bertambah energetic..ha..ha..

Stompin Sabah, wait for me..i will be there for you.

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