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Stompin Sabah 2010 by Xpax Celcom Cooperation With Nuffnang

Stompin Sabah 2010 by Celcom Cooperation With Nuffnang.

This article is about the job that nuffnang had offered to me, yes it is guys. This is a sponsored post and an icon had added into my nuffnang account which show that i have confirmed to do this job, entirely regarding event in Kota Kinabalu this saturday, on 6 November 2010. Thanks nuffnang because give me opportunity to blog about this event.

Have you ever heard of Stompin Sabah before?  Stompin Sabah was here in Sabah, last year. Missed your change to saw Stompin Sabah back in 2009? Well, I guess this is a sign of a good news to you.

XPAX (Celcom) will bring Stompin Sabah abroad to Sabah once again on 6 November 2010, saturday at Sabah Port (Jesselton Port), Kota Kinabalu from 6 pm until 2 am the next day. Also, not to miss out, Stompin Sabah Carnival starting 5 November 2010 with a lot of fun activities and performances.

What is Stompin Sabah all about? Well, Stompin' Sabah is the first and biggest entertainment based event for our bloved state, Sabah. It features Urban Music and Nature-Inspired Music live on stage.

I know, maybe you guys still wondering, what makes Stompin Sabah so happening? This is because a host of top local and international artistes, DJs and many more, ready to rockin the scene at Stompin Sabah. You will have a change to party with these greatful artistes :

Rock Queen of Malaysia. I think everyone know her right. Her voice is so powerful, so thats why until now, she is still the Rock Queen of Malaysia and never been beated by any artist in her category.

DJ Tony 
I want to see him alive while his playing with cds guys. How about you?

Wicked Aura Batucada (Singapore)
This is a group from Singapore and for more information, you can chek out their beautiful website here.
         (picture kredit to Wicked Batucada website )

Kulahig (Philippines)
You can check more on them here
They are 10 of them and together, they are Kulahig Group from our neighbour, Philipines.

Shawn Lee (beat boxer)
The Human Beat Box with a very big talent. 
MC Vibe
Another big name that will rock out Stompin Sabah 2010.

Toi (Akademi Fantasia 6)
Akademi Fantasi artist season six, he's also known as Toi Angklung because he play angklung very well. I didnt realise how long i'm waiting to see an angklung player infront of my eye, all this time, just watch it infront of television. I think i have my change now.

Joe Wings
 Joe from wings is a legendary guitarist for Wings Group, remember Awie, remember him.

Man Kidal
Wow, this person is one of my favourite ever. Man Kidal, i think many guitarist out there, will sure enough make him an idol, am i right?

Dicken (guitarist from Ranau, Sabah)
Our local talent from Sabah.

There are so much more exciting things with Stompin Sabah. Guess what? The Top 3 bands from the U.O.X. Campus Tours in Sabah will also be performing at Stompin’ Sabah 2010! The audition was held at Palm Square, Kota Kinabalu on 31 October 2010. Don’t miss out on catching these fresh upcoming talents at Stompin Sabah on 6 November 2010!

Based on the name stated, I know, you already feel the aura of Stompin Sabah, right? Yeah, this is you change to meet an international entertainer from Singapore and Philippines.

How to get passes?

1-      Just reload RM 30 or more and get 1 VIP worth RM 100!
2-      Or, you can visit the U.O.X booth at the event venue on 5th and 6th November 2010 to grab free passes too!

I think, i will bring my camera, pen and a book, so i can write down what are happening there, so after the event, i can write it down and also blog about it to you guys. ^___^

Hey, wait!
 I have a good news for you, my fellow friend, specially for my blog reader. I have an invitation from nuffnang to be there, and beside of my own tickets for Stompin Sabah 2010, I also have 10 more tickets for you guys. If you interested to go with me to Stompin Sabah, please send an email to me at There are only TEN Tickets! Who come first, deserve it. Hurry guys!

What are you waiting for? Don’t miss Stompin Sabah 2010 or sure enough, you will regret it. Don’t forget to mark your calendar on 6 November 2010 because Stompin Sabah 2010 will make your day!

For early reservations, please call the event organiser:
Contagious Concepts (M) Sdn. Bhd.
No. 713, 7th Floor, Block B, Mentari Business Park
Jln PJS 8/5, Bandar Sunway, 46150, Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Datul Ehsan

Phone: (03) 56363835 Fax: (03) 5635 3836

If we have some badges, it would be great, so, all Sabahan blogger who attend this event, will pin it into their shirt and it look pretty cool huh? ^__^. See you there guys.
Disclaimer :
This article is a sponsored post by nuffnang. Please do not copy and paste this article in your blog or somewhere else without permission. Thank you.


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