Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Entrepreneurship Course

Topic 1 :

Introduction To Entrepreneurship
- The Evolution Of Entrepreneurship
- Concepts Of Entrepreneurship (Who Are Entrepreneurs?)
- The Importance Of Entrepreneurship
- The Myth Of Entrepreneurship
- Development Entrepreneurship In Malaysia

Topic 2 :

Identifying Entrepreneurial Characteristics
- Characteristics Of Successful Entrepreneurs
- Self-Assessment For Entrepreneurs
- Different Among Businessmen, Managers and Entrepreneurs

Topic 3 :

Developing Entrepreneurial Creativity and Innovation
- Creativity.
- The Process
- Barriers
- How To Generate Creative Ideas
- Characteristics of Creative Individuals
- What Is Innovation? (Types, Sources and Barriers)
- The Important of Creativity and Innovation for Entrepreneurs.

Three early topic about Entrepreneurship Course.


  1. are u in this course? i involve in technopreneur club....

  2. Yup, just got this subject for current semester. :-)