Sunday, June 20, 2010

Official Father's Day and Ending Of Happy Holiday?

Hi are you? Hope you did fine today, in what ever you're been doing okay?

Just want to make a great yell again "HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!"..he..he..this is the official one yeah..check my other entry of Father's Day,here. 100 celebration of Father's Day!!!

I LOVE YOU DAD..^____^

We had celebrate it early than the actual date..ha..ha.., but its still worth right?

Yeah..thats the spirit anyone who still have their dad, that not yet celebrate Father's Day, go and celebrate with your dad..okay?

If you cant make a party or suprise for him, just say this simple words "Father, I'm sorry. I Love You Dad. Happy Father's Day."

I'm sure..that is enough for him..hmm..but if you can..try to cook for him, or buy new clothes yeah..

he..he..Father's Day On Sunday...


Okay guys, now lets talk about holiday..urgh?..ha..ha..its finish okay..all over..3 weeks time had end say pause to whatever you doing right now, start to think about tomorrow morning..

You will go to class..and smart and study focus..

Now, its the turn to get some A's for your subject..dont miss it guys..

All the best for UPSR, PMR, SPM and STPM student this year..good luck the best..make your parents, school, country proud of you..and of course, pray a lot and study a lot too..achieve your dream..we had nothing in our hand, except our knowledge in our mind, soul and body..learn new thing, convert it to your daily routine and its become your for the good knowledge indeed yeah..

I also faced these exam before..i know how its feel..:-)


Now..i'm already at Uni..trying my best to achieve my become a good teacher..yeah..^____^ a lot. :-)..he..he..


  1. bapa tunggak keluarga.bapa yang mencorak keluarga samada kearah kebaikan atau keburukan.jasa bapa adalah sangat besar dan tidak dapat dibalas dengan wang ringgit

    selamat hari bapa 2010

  2. Ya benar. Seorang ayah juga adalah ketua keluarga. ^__^..Love my dad so much..