Sunday, June 20, 2010

Journey To Remember?

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Hi there!

Sorry, i have been so busy right now, just log in, blog walking and say hi to some friends..(i cant cover all my friend list..sorry..because i dont have enough time for now..)

Even this is posting through Auto Posting..thanks to Uncle Auto anyway..ha..ha..i manage to set up a few auto posting article..just stay tune guys..^__^

Yesterday, Saturday..19 Jun 2010, i had my class replacement at like usual, i drive and manage to reach there before the class start..the road was J.A.M again and yeah..i drive so slowly yesterday..just between 60Km/Hour and 75Km/Hour i guess..ha..ha..i just remember the road ads campaign "Sayangilah Diri Anda, Ingatlah Orang Yang Tersayang"..and yeah..i agree with that..

What is the point to drive so fast if its cost your life right?

Silly me, actually, i also drive fast..about 100Km/Hour..and sometimes its reach 110Km/Hour..oh my god..its so fast right? the way.. i only drive kancil you know..i bet if someone sit beside me will contionusly praying while i'm driving..ha..ha..

But, now i only want to drive at least 80Km/Hour or below that level..something happen and its scary me a lot..yeah.. i do scary..ha..ha..but i guess i dont have to tell you what happen right? Just remember your beloved one, your family, you still have another mission on this planet..

If i want to die, i want to die at age 100..hope so..


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