Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sindiket Dadah vs Sindiket Pelacuran

Hey guys, i'm still alive huh? Umur masih panjang.

Have you join my adventure from the day I left Sabah behind? If dont, please start your reading from the beginning so you wouldn't miss anything.

Well, i did a pretty neat and fast tracking early morning..with my partner..Armaan, he seem unmotivated today..i guess its the effect from yesterday..he..he..pity him..

Suddenly, something extra ordinary happen today..

The Drugs Syndicate Gang that we spy on in a few days will have a big problem dealing with another Syndicate..guess who? Read the title guys.. :-)

Hmm..its a big problem now..

Need to settle down this case..thats my mission!

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