Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Why we are always complaint?

Hey there!

Looks like, the three post that i created yesterday had successfully auto, next time if i have a busy day...i will just do sad..i cant blogwalking, jogging or whatever its called to your blog..but..when i enter my online world here, i will do that..its that okay for you?

But, at least, my blog still got 'his' update right? Ha..ha..what? I call my blog 'his'? a mess right? I'm not a gay and i'm not a pervert okay! I have my own family..just think the title 'his' is more suitable..he..he.. :-P

What happen to me? Ha..ha..nothing extraordinary to you..but for me..yes! Why? I'm half away chasing my dream to become a teacher..a good teacher indeed..

My teacher and my master, or my pak guru and whatsoever its called, said...if you want to be a good teacher, dont just ask yourself, but also ask your student..the success of a teacher carier depend on his/her student performance..its that right? Yeah..absolutely guys..because a good teacher will became a legend for his/her student..ha..ha..not legend ok..idol..yeah!

And how about attitude of a good teacher?

1-Care about his/her student
2-Try to help his/her student, not himself/herself.
3-Learn something good and usefull things and present it to his/her student.
4-Give the very best of your teaching
5-Follow the slogant "Teacher is a candle that burn himself/herself to make the future of his/her student more bright and shining every single day and count..

...hmm..i think..there are still so many thing that we must keep in mind to become a good teacher indeed..right? But..the major are, follow it first and the others will come to you..

always remember your beloved one, your beloved family, your road ads right..ha.ha..hmm..did you notice that? I'm laughing too much lately..but its the good medicine after keep smiling and laughing..but dont do it when you alone okay, if not..people will think you crazy or insane..ha..ha..

Bye guys..happy life okay..pray a lot yeah..because every time we pray, we are getting closer and closer to GOD!

If you getting closer to HIM, believe me, when ever you have a problem, HE will cure your problem..believe me guys..

Happy Life and Happy Wednesday..before sleep tonight, remember to thankful to GOD for a good thing happen today and please do remember to pray for your family and friends..^__^

p/s-This is not auto post..he..he..because i'm online right now! Here i come..Tamparuli Blogger On-Line..

(Please to master of BI out there, forgive my crazy english grammar, because i'm not an English Man, i'm Dusun please forgive me yeah)

p/s/s-I'm laughing at loud again..didnt i? Haaa..haaa..haaa...seee??


  1. who care's with eng grammar, 8 least we try kn ckgu ^^

    selagi nda try hw to improve kn, well urg ckp practice mke perfect :)

    Ol de best 4 ur dream, u almost thre. God Bless owez (:

  2. Yeah..thanks..ponsikou Jane!

    Yup, practice makes perfect, totally agree.. :-)

    And all the best 2 you 2, hope you will achieve everything that you desire..u deserve it!

  3. ehhee.yupe2 usaha tangga kejayaan..
    (ayat2 fames dr bangku sek tu)